a city under oblast jurisdiction in Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Situated on the Kazennyi Torets River (Don River basin). Railroad junction. Population, 134,500 (1975). The city was founded in 1676 as a cossack fort and was originally called Tor. In 1784 it was renamed Slovensk and was popularly called Sloviansk.

Slaviansk is an important center for the production of soda from local deposits of rock salt. It has a salt combine, a plant producing hardware and insulators, a plant producing construction machinery, and combines producing ceramic items. Other enterprises include factories for pencils and furniture. The city’s educational institutions include a pedagogical institute, the general engineering department of the Ukrainian Correspondence Polytechnical Institute, and a technical school of civil aviation. In addition, there are technicums for chemistry and mechanics, power plant construction, railroad transport, and agriculture. The city is the site of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution Slaviansk State Regional Electric Power Plant.

There is a balneological and pelotherapeutic health resort 7 km from Slaviansk that uses brine and silt mud from Lake Repnoe and other lakes. The salt wells that have been driven are used for therapeutic baths. Water with the chemical composition

is used in drinking therapy. Diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems are treated, as are gynecologic disorders and disorders accompanying gastritis. There are two sanatoriums and a water and mud treatment facility in the city.

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For those leaving to (government-controlled) Slaviansk we have rail cars ready with blankets and heating and they will be (later) distributed elsewhere to Ukraine.
In Kiev-controlled Slaviansk, refugees arrived in buses from Debaltseve and other frontline towns.
El gobierno del nuevo presidente Poroschenko, a pesar de contar con el respaldo de la Union Europea, ha debido sortear enfrentamientos belicos promovidos por milicianos rebeldes apoyados por Moscu, en las ciudades de Donestsk, Lugansk, Slaviansk, Kramatursk y Mariupol.
A mystery murder that took place in Slaviansk, Ukraine, brings to light the convoluted Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Andrei Stenin, who was working in Donetsk, Slaviansk and other eastern Ukrainian cities, went missing on August 5.
Ello sin hablar de la destruccion de las fabricas en las zonas de Slaviansk y Kramatorsk.
Sur le terrain, l'armee ukrainienne poursuivait, hier, son avancee vers Donetsk, apres le retrait des rebelles du bastion separatiste de Slaviansk dans l'est du pays.
KIEV (TAP) - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday, July 5 ordered the army to raise the national flag in the separatist stronghold of Slaviansk, eastern Ukraine, after recapturing 17 cities and villages since the military operation began, the presidential website said.
In eastern Ukraine's flashpoint city of Slaviansk, a rebel stronghold since separatists took over the city in April, shelling could be heard, though it was unclear from which direction it was coming from.
The Mi-8 helicopter was carrying military cargo which it was downed at Karachun Mountain near Slaviansk region by a portable air defense system missile this afternoon, the TV added.
The individuals included in the sanctions list are Donetsk People's Republic military commander Igor Girkin, Vice Premier Andrey Purgin and Supreme Council chairman Denis Pushilin; former People's Mayor of Slaviansk Vyacheslav Ponomaryov and Luhansk People's Republic chief Valery Bolotov, reports RIA Novosti.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities told the Italian Foreign Ministry that an Italian journalist was believed to have been killed in fighting on Saturday near the eastern Ukrainian town of Slaviansk.