Slide Projector

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slide projector

[′slīd prə‚jek·tər]

Slide Projector


an opticomechanical projection device that magnifies images of transparent originals (slides and filmstrips) onto a built-in or wall screen. Slide projectors are used frequently during lectures to display pictures and drawings and for reading microfilm. Varieties of slide projectors include slide viewers and the magic lantern.

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Slide projectors of a type similar to the one used here continue to be manufactured, e.
Now, AV encompasses projectors (the video and data kind), VCRs, DVD players, digital recorders, audio PA systems and a whole host of other AV-designated equipment that even stretches into buzzwords like multimedia, real-time media, videoconferencing and even some legacy film and slide projectors.
In the late 1990s, I replaced the slide projector with a computer running Microsoft PowerPoint.
In addition, a difference between Signsim and the PVL is that participants in the PVL have control over their approach to the sign; whereas in Signsim, using the slide projector, presentation of signs remains constant for all slides and for all participants.
Use of tools such as a slide projector or video player for training are common in industry and in the classrooms.
According to the company, it's as easy to set up and use as any Liquid Crystal Display video or slide projector.
With the aid of an old slide projector and a plentiful supply of pictures from the past, Goncalves involves Golpiez in a talking cure reminiscent of Pinget's inquisitive interviewer in The Inquisitory: "Tell me something concrete instead of whining, he said.
The computer screen and keyboard, telephone, television and VCR, CD player, and slide projector and screen are all hidden from sight, yet immediately available with the touch of a flush keypad installed in the desk.
In addition to pharmaceuticals, funds must be available for items such as specialty beds, high-tech mattresses and overlays, wheelchairs, staff education materials, a camera for documentation, a slide projector for inservices, and occupational and physical therapy equipment (eg, positioning devices).
At your last road show presentation, did you trip over the microphone cord, watch in horror as the slide projector went haywire or almost faint when your notes slid like sand between your fingers and fell to a heap on the conference room floor?
But by removing a square of translucent plexiglass at the apparent back of this niche, the owner can set up a slide projector stored inside the shell of the wood-framed wall.
The program, taught by 1,000 volunteers at nearly every elementary and middle school in Beaverton, is now able to transition from slide projector systems to digital presentations.