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William Joseph, 1st Viscount. 1891--1970, British field marshal, who commanded (1943--45) the 14th Army in the reconquest of Burma (now called Myanmar) from the Japanese; governor general of Australia (1953--60)


A VLSI language for translating DFA's into circuits. J.L. Hennessy, "SLIM: A Simulation and Implementation Language for VLSI Microcode", Lambda, Apr 1981, pp.20-28.


A small, derivative change (e.g. to code).
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The t: slim X2 Pump boasts an advanced Bluetooth radio and is optimized for use with Tandem's recently approved Tandem Device Updater, used to update software and add new features from a personal computer as they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
The new PS4 Slim is exactly what the name implies; it's a slimmer and sleeker version of the original PlayStation 4 hardware.
WD's My Passport Slim is the ultimate storage device for today's mobile consumers," explained Subroto Das, Director - India & South Asia, WD, "Its contemporary metal exterior, increased file protection features and enhanced portability makes it a must have solution for safeguarding digital data.
Specific features and benefits of the Victorinox Slim and Victorinox Slim Duo include:
Slim Secrets is Australian owned and operated and is an innovative organization providing individual nutritional solutions to consumers.
RAK Slim helps in a significant reduction in dead load on the building structure due to almost half the weight of tiling, thanks to it slimness, a definite plus point for builders or home owners, as it results in reduced structure cost.
Addressing mounting interest within the academic community for its innovative genomic search technology, SLIM Search, Inc.
Following the announcement this week of the death of daredevil stunt rider Evel Knievel, a man who held the record for breaking more bones in his body (in excess of 400) than anyone else, I was reminded of the time he was challenged by legendary poker player Amarillo Slim Preston to a game of golf.