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Fire workers work at the site where a small aircraft and a helicopter crashed near Philippsburg, southern Germany, on Tuesday.
Innovative design allows greater access for small aircraft and improved passenger mobility
called for stronger safety measures to curb a deadly trend in small aircraft crashes.
Likewise, 20 Cebu Pacific turbo propeller or small aircraft, on flights mostly to Caticlan, Busuanga, Laoag, and Naga, were transferred from the NAIA Terminal 3 to the now all-domestic Terminal 4.
Pilots of small aircraft should use caution when operating behind or crossing behind landing and departing helicopters.
We have reports of a small aircraft crashing near Gadap city police station," senior police official Rao Anwar said.
A small aircraft with seven people on board crashed at an airfield in eastern Indonesia's Papua Province on Wednesday morning, killing two and injured 5 others, local media reported.
Shedding light on a potential safety hazard that could affect hundreds of airports across the country--while calling for updated guidelines to improve aviation safety--a study by researchers at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, examined the proximity of wind farms to general aviation airports and how the small aircraft that use them could be affected by the turbulence generated by wind turbines.
From local flight school and government, to private individuals, the companies primary focus has been on small aircraft.
Orders for the new small aircraft called the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, or MRJ, have reached 325 units.
CEO Steven Chin-A-Kwie, says small aircraft destinations are profitable and that their airfares will depend on the luggage factor, and intends to include 12 scheduled destinations into their network.
Summary: Three Americans are believed to have been killed after their small aircraft came down at an airport in France.

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