Smith, Walter

Smith, (Walter Wellesley) “Red”

(1905–82) journalist; born in Green Bay, Wis. Hired away from the Philadelphia Record in 1945 by the New York Herald Tribune, he became a widely syndicated sports columnist with a national reputation. When the Tribune folded in 1967, he found a new base at the New York Times. Known for his humor and command of language, he won many awards, including a 1976 Pulitzer Prize.
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There have been very few players who wore glasses while batting and the list includes India's Virender Sehwag, Clive Llyod, Eddie Barlow, MJK Smith, Walter Hadlee (Richard Hadlee's father) and Geoff Boycott.
GLOUCESTERSHIRE ALL GOLDS: Cowburn, Claustres, Crowther, Mulkeen, Bergin, Rice, Bradley, Vitalani, P Smith, Walter, Hepi, Jones, B Smith.
He was brother of the late Florence Furey, John Pendergast, Alice Smith, Walter Pendergast, and Edward Pendergast.
AND here are the contenders for my Scotland football 2006 Man of the Year award - Walter Smith, Walter Smith and.
Alex Miller, Alex Smith, Walter Smith, Archie Knox, Craig Brown and Andy Roxburgh were just some of the guys who put you through your paces.
And although Smith, Walter not William, has been tipped to take over the Hampden hot seat, the ex- BB member from Glasgow's 129th company was anxious not to pre-judge the situation.
David, who fills the gap left by Alec Caldwell and has signed a one-year rolling contract, said: "I've worked under some of Scotland's best managers - Sir Alex Ferguson, Alex Smith, Walter Smith, Graeme Souness and George Graham - and hopefully their experience will rub off.
City Council candidates Julie Korenstein, Greig Smith, Walter Prince, Robert Vinson, Armineh Chelebian and Norman Huberman agreed at Thursday's forum that the city should promote zoning rules that would concentrate Greek housing in one area.
The game is in a terrible mess and we surely can't afford to be without the services of people like Alex Smith, Walter Smith, Archie Knox, and Jocky Scott.
5) Fernando Award finalists Kenneth Banks, left, Phillip ``Flip'' Smith, Walter Mosher Jr.
The NFC has had the dominant runners: Smith, Walter Payton, Roger Craig, even Joe Morris.
According to Smith, Walters never spoke to him about his defection to City which left him hugely disappointed.