Smith College

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Smith College,

at Northampton, Mass.; undergraduate for women, graduate coeducational; chartered 1871, opened 1875 through a bequest of Sophia Smith. The first president, Laurenus Clark SeelyeSeelye, Laurenus Clark,
1837–1924, American educator and Congregational clergyman, b. Bethel, Conn., grad. Union College, 1857, and studied at Andover Theological Seminary and in Germany; brother of J. H. Seelye.
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, was influential in establishing high standards of scholarship. Smith is known for its junior-year-abroad program. It has a noted school of social work, and its art galleries are renowned for their collections of modern art. Its library has collections relating to music of the 16th and 17th cent., botany, women's history, and Jean Jacques Rousseau. The school participates in a cooperative program with Amherst, Hampshire, and Mount Holyoke colleges and the Univ. of Massachusetts.
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I remember the delight with which some six months ago I picked up the first "Dolittle" book in the Hampshire bookshop at Smith College in Northampton.
Continue reading "Valerie Plame's Invitation to Speak at Smith College is the Latest Example of the Cult of BDS" at.
Caption: Parks was development director at Philander Smith College before heading to UA-Fort Smith.
In spring 2013, Jamie was named winner of Smith College Art Museum's Tryon Prize for Writing, as well as Mount Holyoke College's 90th annual Glascock Poetry Prize.
You gained a seat in the parliament and became the architect and advocate of the bills for women's rights "women's empowerment bill; the domestic violence prevention act and the anti-honour killings bill," citation by the Smith College Medal Committee acknowledged.
Adam Smith College vice principal Ian Harrington added: "Our students and staff were on the scene very quickly and did an amazing job.
For more information about the YWCA archive, contact the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063; phone: (413) 585-2970; fax: (413) 585-2886; email: ssc-wmhist@email.
Only one in four seats in executive education programs is held by a woman, says Barbara Reinhold, director of career and executive development at Smith College.
In 1969 I was an undergraduate student at Smith College.
The Botanic Garden of Smith College in North Hampton, Mass.
He was on faculty at Smith College in the '20s, and I worked with him I think in '34 or '35, around in there.
Before World War I, given the widespread fears that intensive study would ruin young women's health, Smith College officials emphasized exercise, sports, and robust eating.