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A language for linear programming problems in a materials processing and transportation network.

["AMBUSH - An Advanced Model Builder for Linear Programming", T.R. White et al, National Petroleum Refiners Assoc Comp Conf (Nov 1971)].



the positioning of an army unit or of partisans, prepared well in advance and thoroughly camouflaged, on the most probable route of advance of an enemy with a view to defeating the enemy with a sudden strike, capturing prisoners, and destroying combat equipment. The Russian word for ambush, zasada, denoted the garrison in the cities of the Russian state of the 16th and 17th centuries. The zasada was headed by a voevoda (military commander or governor).

What does it mean when you dream about an ambush?

An ambush is a surprise attack. Concretely, it may represent some unpleasant surprise or unanticipated turn for the worse in one’s life. If one was headed for a clear destination at the time of the ambush, it may represent a sense of being blocked. Ambushes may also be more general symbols of sudden loss and emotional upheaval.

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Caption: Instead of pouncing, a larger Pacific striped octopus reaches out to a shrimp for a sneak attack.
Back in 2002 there was a similar sneak attack against the Florida Mac Bride Bill, but we beat it back.
But others point out those defenses aren't deployed in peacetime and would not stop a Pearl Harbor-type sneak attack.
Discussing the differences between dating English boys (cough, Brooklyn Beckham) and American boys, the actress says : "UK boys are way more dangerous because they seem really nice and then it's like a sneak attack.
In 1763, Pontiac, chief of the Ottawa Indians, attempted to lead a sneak attack on British-held Fort Detroit, but was foiled because the British had been tipped off in advance.
According to Papagni, Cornelius allegedly replied, "That was no sneak attack.
My friend Philip Van Cleave, the President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, was at the meeting and reported that Northam was very candid about the plan and the sneak attack strategies for bypassing committees and public comment, and preventing rights groups from being able to mount opposition until it's too late.
Not the least of which was Fox having to deal with whether or not Hirohito ordered the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour.
Sneak Attack gets our nod as the best Saison ever put in a can.
But he's the prime suspect in an airborne sneak attack that put a retired businessman in hospital last Saturday night.
Even the most hardened gun foe can't believe that microstamping has anything to do with budget issues like school aid, property tax relief for homeowners and economic development, and they're using this sneak attack to force their radical, anti-gun and antisportsmen agenda," Senator Ritchie said.
Unlike too many Japanese writers, Iguchi is no apologist for the sneak attack.