smell test

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scent test, smell test

A test for leaks in a drainpipe; a material having a strong odor is introduced into the pipe and leaks are detected by tracing the scent to its source.
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Morgan has beautiful prose, tough reporting chops and a great nose for what doesn't pass the sniff test.
As you're evaluating what you want to do, make sure it passes the sniff test of common sense.
The 22-year-old woman said that to pass the sniff test the diapers have to have pee in it and the heavier ones having more pee are better.
19) Although the trip to Kennedy Airport and the sniff test took only ninety minutes, "[b]ecause it was late on a Friday afternoon, the agents [ultimately held] the luggage until Monday morning, when they [obtained] a search warrant .
Service technicians are dispatched over long distances to sniff test the odorant level and log leak calls, while statistical models are created from the sniff data to understand the flow of odorant through the distribution network.
We W can't do a sniff test from here obviously, y but for further corroboration, you could show it to the next teenager you see," an insider said.
We can't do a sniff test from here obviously but, for further corroboration, you could show it to the next teenager you see," an insider said.
The perfume she eventually chooses to wear for her big day from her blind sniff test is the most expensive in the world - The Clive Christian No 1 Imperial Majesty Edition.
This particular sniff test is always a smart way to begin your day, and a critical safety procedure after refueling an inboard or I/O vessel.
The first test is a sniff test, and the second is a chemical test for 13 poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the main constituent of crude oil.
The Israeli authors of the study caution that while the study is small and preliminary, they do appear to be onto the key to unlocking an easy sniff test for cancer.