snow house

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igloo, iglu

A hemispherical shell, built by Eskimos of blocks of ice or packed snow as a temporary dwelling for a single family; usually about 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 m) in diameter at its base, with the floor often partially below the surrounding terrain. Daylight within was provided by one or more blocks of relatively transparent freshwater ice, or by an opening covered with a piece of translucent seal intestine. Entry was usually along a domed passageway.
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6) In the absence of such ruin, the recorded image of the historical snow house in Gathering Place resists 18th and 19th century European romantic conceptions of the architectural ruin, which were historically rooted in the nostalgic conceptualization of authenticity.
Furthermore, despite its simple appearance, the snow house was a highly sophisticated shelter, which could be expanded according to the spatial requirements of the families.
Norman Swann, 11, of Wakefield Road, first had the idea to build a snow house in his garden.
It will take place at it headquarters at John Snow House, Durham University Science Park, Durham City, at 10am and is open to the public.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her memory to the Sophia Snow House, 1215 Centre St.
The meeting will be at John Snow House, Durham University Science Park, Durham.
Jude's, which held its first service in 1972, is a white half-dome shape, similar to the iconic Inuit snow house, with a spire atop the dome.
CPSC and Wal-Mart announced the recall of similar Home Trends Ice Holiday Collection Candle gift sets Snow House Candle, Snowman Candle, and Snowflake Candle on December 12, 2003 (link to CPSC news release 04-049 already posted at http://www.
Depart in March and stay in a Snow House at half-board from pounds 435pp including flights from Gatwick and transfers.
30pm in John Snow House, Durham University Science Park.
Beginning at 1pm, the meeting is at John Snow House, Durham University Science Park, in Durham City and is open to the public.
Soon the wall grew into a snow house supported by a simple wooden frame.