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Heating an alloy, usually an ingot, to a temperature not far below its melting temperature and holding it there for a long time to eliminate segregation that occurred on solidification.



in the leather industry, treatment of the hide with water mixed with accelerators such as sodium sulfite, antiseptics (sodium fluosilicate), and surface-active agents (Sulfonol and Sapal). Soaking is an important treatment for preserved raw material whose moisture content has decreased.

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Soaking up a moment that will be etched in our minds forever, the glow on our faces matched the candles from the menorah.
Ideally, all indoor plants would be watered in the manner of the African violet because such a soaking is the only way to ensure that soil and roots are wetted in a uniform manner.
Blend reserved mushroom soaking liquid with 2 tablespoons cornstarch and stir into vegetables.
If the wood is green and reasonably fresh, Hysko says, soaking the wood isn't necessary.
General equations to describe the water uptake of wheat varieties as a function of soaking time, temperature and initial moisture content were developed.
Key words: Seeding density, Soaking duration, Cotton, Relay-wheat, growth and yield.
Finally, the results of this study suggest soaking french fries in water prior to cooking may affect acrylamide concentrations and should be evaluated further.
The recipes I found used both cold soaking overnight, cooking the grain, or a combination of both, then blending and straining.
A widespread culinary conviction asserts that soaking beans will make them more digestible by breaking down complex carbohydrates in the bean to form more readily digestible carbohydrates--thus reducing flatulence.
Soaking your feet once a day for 30 minutes is enough to get rid of feet stink.
WORKERS, bosses and individuals braved a cold soak-viduals soaking after completing an Ice Bucket Challenge for charity.
Blueberry yogurt cheesecake Serves - 4 Serves - 4 Prep time - 15 minutes Prep time - 15 minutes Soaking time - 4 hours Soaking time - 4 hours Setting time - 1-2 hours Setting time - 1-2 hours INGREDIENTS 500g Alpro Simply Plain 500g Alpro Simply Plain alternative to yogurt alternative to yogurt 150g of blueberries 150g of blueberries 3 leaves of gelatin 3 leaves of gelatin 100g macadamia nuts 100g macadamia nuts 50g medjool dates 50g medjool dates 10g desiccated coconut 10g desiccated coconut METHOD Place the macadamia Place the macadamia nuts in a bowl and cover nuts in a bowl and cover with cold water.