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While the best choice may often be to choose not to elect a reduced Social Security benefit in the first place, if a couple does so, then the analysis no longer has to do with whether delaying is better.
By 2017, according to the Social Security Trustees, the system will literally start paying out more each year than it collects.
Consumers can call a toll-free Social Security number (800-772-1213) to review wages linked to their Social Security numbers, she said.
workers who have paid Social Security taxes are covered by the program.
Flores received her Form SAA-1099, Social Security Benefit Statement, for 2002, the benefits reported totaled $20,675.
If the acrimony over Social Security serves any good purpose, let's hope it inspires more comprehensive solutions to the broader challenge.
I learned by talking to those college students that we won't move anybody but the usual suspects if we talk about Social Security in a vacuum, asking for a yay or nay vote, or attendance at a rally, or the placement of a bumper sticker on a fender.
Because the Form 1099 income was reportable for income tax purposes, it was also earnings under the Social Security regulations and properly included in calculating M's excess earnings for Social Security purposes under 20 CFR 404.
The essence of Social Security is to assure predictable, stable retirement income.
The Social Security Act of 1935 prohibits payments from being withheld to pay off debts.
In the 1999 volume, the objective was to describe the incentives inherent in social security systems in the countries under study and then to relate those incentives to the labor force participation of older workers.
Social Security is not the only federal benefits program.

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