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Abbrev. for spherical aberration.



(Sturmabteilung; known in English as Storm Troopers), a paramilitary unit of the National Socialist Party in Germany from 1921 to 1945. The SA was an instrument of terror used against opponents of fascism.

After the fascists seized power in Germany in 1933, the SA was turned into an auxiliary police force; members of the organization were used as guards in the Nazi concentration camps and were responsible for some types of military and paramilitary training. In early 1934 there were more than 3 million members of the SA, mostly from petit bourgeois strata. On June 30, 1934, the fascist leadership, taking advantage of unrest within the SA caused by the failure to fulfill the promises made by the Nazi leaders to the petite bourgeoisie, liquidated the discontented members; those killed included E. Röhm and other leaders of the SA who tried to use the discontent of the rank and file to strengthen their own position. After the events of June 30, the SS (Schutzstaffel), which until then had been subordinate to the command of the SA, became a separate organization. The SA was outlawed after the defeat of German fascism in 1945.




The country code for Saudi Arabia.


(1) (Security Association) The establishment of a secure transmission session. It includes authentication and the negotiation of the method of encryption as well as the exchange of secret keys. See IKE.

(2) See selective availability and situation awareness.
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Architect Frangois Dauby, for example, was part of the Societe anonyme de construction de Passy (November 1880), the Societe anonyme de construction de la Chapelle (February 1881), the Societe anonyme immobiliere des terrains et constructions des Ternes (August 1881), the Societe anonyme immobiliere de la rue Vaneau and the Societe anonyme des terrains et constructions du faubourg du Temple (both founded November 1881), as well as the Societe de construction de la rue Littre (January 1882), and the Societe anonyme immobiliere des terrains et constructions de la rue Cardinet (February-March 1882).
Based in New York City, the Societe Anonyme was conceived almost a decade earlier than MOMA as a vehicle for educating a broad (if largely uninterested) American public about modern art through exhibitions, publications, and programs that included lectures and musical performances; although it eventually amassed an impressive collection of well over a thousand works by more than one hundred artists, collecting was not its purpose.
For example, if France changed the legal requirements for establishing a societe anonyme, would taxpayers be able to rely on the list until the IRS formally modified the list?
Contact point(s): SACVL Societe anonyme de construction de la Ville de Lyon
LUXEMBOURG, April 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Quilmes Industrial (Quinsa), Societe Anonyme ("Quinsa" or the "Company") announced today that by decision of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of 4th April 2008 its articles of association were amended in order to suppress with immediate effect the rights attached to the Class A shares allowing the conversion of the Class A shares into Class B shares.
Holders located in Luxembourg may submit letters of transmittal to Dexia Banque International a Luxembourg, societe anonyme, the Luxembourg special agent for the Invitation, but must also submit a copy of the letter of transmittal to Citibank, N.
Implementing agency : Societe immobiliere du departement de la Reunion societe anonyme d~economie mixte (SEM) creee en application de l~article 2 de la loi du 30.
societe anonyme 5, rue Jean Monnet L-2180 Luxembourg R.
31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Quilmes Industrial Societe Anonyme ("Quinsa") announced today that it has filed amendments to its Schedule 13E-3 and Schedule 14D-9, each relating to the tender offer by Companhia de Bebidas das Americas - AmBev ("AmBev") for outstanding Quinsa shares not owned by AmBev or its subsidiaries, with the U.
Societe Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aeronautiques, UMECO plc and Senior PLC.

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