soft key

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soft key

(1) A simulated button or keyboard key that is displayed on a touchscreen. Also called a "soft button," "virtual button" or "virtual key," touchscreen soft keys enable smartphones, tablets and remote controls to display any style of user interface. However, they have not entirely made real keys obsolete. A few physical buttons can greatly enhance a touch user interface. See touchscreen and virtual keyboard.

(2) A physical button that serves multiple functions on cellphones and other devices. The button is located next to the screen, which displays the key's purpose at that moment. See virtual keyboard.

A Soft Key
In this example, the same physical key on this earlier cellphone is used to make and terminate a call. After the call is connected, the soft key changes from Call to End.

Soft Keys at the Gas Pump
A common use is at the gas pump when a response is required. The screen asks the user if a receipt should be printed and displays Yes or No next to the appropriate soft keys (arrows).
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3 Jelly Bean has root access, another version of the Android L for Xperia Theme will allow the revamp on the soft key buttons.
Hot keys sit along the right side of the screen and are aligned with and displayed adjacent to their corresponding soft key.
The Soft Key range also includes Catz and Dogz where your job is to raise and nurture virtual pets.
t39pxeoscmu47iz) import version to get the Android L soft key buttons for Android 4.
2", active bar graphs, status messages and icons, operator prompts and multiple soft key functions.
2", active bar graphs, status messages and icons, operator prompts, and multiple soft key functions, The 920i's modular design provides open connectivity with Allen-Bradley remote I/O and DeviceNet, Profibus DP and Ethernet systems.
Ease-of-Use -- Fast and easy access to voice messages via Voice Mail LCD Feature Prompting with Soft Key Operation
Carrier frequency is selected via a soft key option on the display.
This will result in an IP-based communications solution that offers its users applications such as buddy lists that show participant availability and hard and soft key functionality.
The Load Indicator Must Be Compactable To The Pressure Transmitter Of The Lhb Bogie Testing Machine And Must Be Capable Of Accepting Signal Input From Pressure Transmitter For Processing, Field Programmer User Setting Through From Soft Key