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the language of the Sogdians. It belongs to the Eastern Iranian subgroup of the Indo-Iranian branch of languages.

Sogdian is attested to in primarily religious texts dating from the late first century B.C. to the ninth century AD]. that have been found in Middle Asia; they include Buddhist, Manichean, and Christian texts. These differ in content owing to religious differences and also in language and in script.

Like other Middle Iranian languages, Sogdian reflects a significant breakdown of the Old Iranian inflectional system and a shift from synthetic forms expressing grammatical relationships to analytic forms. In the phonetic system, voiced stops consistently become fricatives. Yagnobi is a descendant of Sogdian.


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Letters exchanged between various Sogdian officials including Dhewashtich are nearly half the collection--two highlights are the Sogdian translation of an Arabic letter sent to Dhewashtich by [?
This factor (fish) cannot be related to Islamic beliefs, as it is not difficult to find such examples in Sogdian texts.
Tombs in Xi'an show that many Sogdian residents of this great capital city adapted to Chinese customs, while also keeping many of their religious traditions.
Sogdian merchants were the real masters of the Silk Road.
Their unique style and decoration, with references to Chinese, Sogdian and Sasanian models, is indicative of the far-reaching trading network existent at that time, from China, through Eastern Central Asia and Tibet, to Sogdiana.
Indus Kohistani [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'a pearl necklace; a diamond (it is said that it emits light by itself at night)', Pashto maryalara 'a pearl', Sogdian (Middle Iranian) m[?
Parmenion in the generals' meeting before Gaugamela; Parmenion in the Sogdian council scene denouncing Alexander's plans to marry Roxane (Alexander's response: "Damn you, Parmenion, by the gods and your Apollo
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For reasons that Colin Thubron is reluctant to explain, even to the imaginary third-century Sogdian trader in indigo and salt with whom he argues in his head when his travels leave him feverish, the author of SHADOW OF THE SILK ROAD (HarperCollins, $25.
17) At Tanske, Ladakh, in what was formerly western Tibet (now in the northeastern area of Kashmir claimed by Pakistan), rock carvings include Nestorian crosses and some Christian texts written in Sogdian that tell of missionaries from that land (now primarily parts of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) who took the Gospel to Tibet.