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0 5/02, available with Solaris 9, to enhance server utilization of the cluster environment.
A large factor of our success in the B2B financial services software licensing business is due to the quality of our software and our migration from NT to a UNIX platform with the Sun Solaris Operating Environment," said Tony Huston, founding partner and president, A.
Transarc's announcement is linked with SunSoft's announcement of a major extension of Solaris 2.
The Solaris 10 OS is a flexible, open operating system that was designed to support the applications and platforms that are critical to our customers' businesses," said Juan Carlos Soto, vice president of market development at Sun Microsystems.
Trusted Solaris 7's Mandatory Access Control (MAC) feature allows organizations, including banks and financial institutions, to process information at multiple-sensitivity levels.
We are pleased to award the Solaris Ready Logo to LeWiz's products," said Dan Powers, director of Market Development Engineering at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
By working closely with Sun and their new Solaris 10 OS, we ensure that our customers' business-critical applications meet or exceed performance expectations and scale as required to maintain their competitive edge.
With its optimized network stack and support for today's advanced network protocols like the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and bundled Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) elements, the Solaris 10 OS provides the throughput required to deliver high-quality services across internet-based channels.
We are pleased to have COPAN Systems gain Sun Solaris Ready certification," said Dan Powers, Director, Market Development Engineering, Sun Microsystems, Inc.