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For Ottoman sultans thus named, use Sulayman.

Suleiman I

, Soliman, Solyman
called the Magnificent. ?1495--1566, sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1520--66), whose reign was noted for its military power and cultural achievements
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Settle does not portray Solyman in Ibrahim as Oriental rulers are popularly portrayed--sensual and Machiavellian males who rely on violence to have their orders and desires executed.
Every Sufi order holds their own version of the Hadra; "but despite the differences in style from one order to another, our origins and intentions are one," said Solyman.
The Tragedye of Solyman and Perseda (New York and London: Garland Publishing, Inc.
Anwar Solyman, 52, added: "All the people are asking for is freedom, democracy and constitution.
Representations of Englishmen who 'turn Turk'--Englishmen abroad who embrace or convert to Islam whether for safety, monetary gain, or true religious experience--began as early as 1592 when Thomas Kyd used the term 'turne turke' to investigate apostasy in the Tragedy of Solyman and Perseda.
A few pages later we meet the taxidermist who stuffed Angelo Solyman, an African prince, for Emperor Francis II of Austria.
Solyman, an insider at court, discloses in Act I that the Emperor "wishes, each minute, he could unbeget / Those Rebel-Sons, who dare t' usurp his Seat: / To sway his Empire with unequal skill, / And mount a Throne, which none but he can fill" (1.
In Greville's Mustapha, for example, King Solyman is well-intentioned, yet he tyrannically murders his son Mustapha because he listens to bad counsel.
One epic by Solyman Brown is The Dentologia-- a poem on diseases of the teeth.
following Solyman II the Magnificent, and who had launched a campaign against the Republic of Venice for possession of the Eastern Mediterranean.
Mairet had even greater success in applying the techniques of classical drama to tragedy: Virginie (1633), Sophonisbe (1634), Le Marc-Antoine; ou, la Cleopatre (1635; "Mark Antony; or, Cleopatra"), Le Grand et dernier Solyman (1637; "The Last Great Solomon").
Israeli F16 plane launched dozens of airstrikes targeting an area east of al-Tofaha neighborhood as well as shelled two houses belonging Solyman Hamada, leveling it to the ground.