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Song of Songs:

see Song of SolomonSong of Solomon,
 Song of Songs,
or Canticles,
book of the Bible, 22d in the order of the Authorized Version. Although traditionally ascribed to King Solomon, many scholars date it as late as the 3d cent. B.C. It is in form a collection of love poems.
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Song of Songs


(Song of Solomon, Canticle of Canticles), a book of the Old Testament; a collection of lyric songs in Hebrew. According to the canon of the Jewish Bible the book is divided into eight chapters; in the Christian Bible there are six. Although the sacredness of the Song of Songs remained in dispute for several centuries (until approximately the second century A.D.), nevertheless it was an integral part of religious tradition, which has treated it as an allegorical description of the love of believers for god. The authorship of the Song of Songs was attributed to King Solomon, but this has been refuted by scholars.

Researchers are coming to the conclusion that the Song of Songs has its origins in folklore and represents a cycle of intimate lyric songs and wedding songs. The most recent of them may be dated to the third century B.C., which is also the time that the book was most likely compiled and given a literary treatment. The main theme of the Song of Songs is passionate love that overcomes all obstacles. The language of the songs is emotional and rich in hyperbolic imagery. The work exerted an influence on the development of lyric poetry both in Hebrew and in the languages of all the peoples who adopted Christianity. In Russian literature, A. S. Pushkin and A. I. Kuprin (in the novella Sulamith), among others, dealt with the motifs of the Song of Songs. In Jewish literature the motifs have inspired a novella by Shalom Aleichem, Song of Songs.


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Early in its history, The Song of Songs was given an allegorical interpretation, in that it refers to the love between God and Israel (the Christians followed suit, saying that it refers to Christ's love for his church, although interestingly enough, this is one book of the Bible that the New Testament doesn't mention).
Stephen Moore's and Shawn Madison Krahmer's essays take the Christian interpretation of the Song of Songs as their focus.
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