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Peruvian Andean soothsayer Erick Caceres inhales ayahuasca through a shell during a ceremony where soothsayers announce their visions. AP/WideWorld Photos.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Asoothsayer is, literally, a “truth-sayer;” one who speaks the truth. It is, by extension, a person who foretells future events. Shamans, seers, astrologers, tarot card readers, cheiromancers, and sibyls are all soothsayers in that sense, because they provide information about what they perceive to be the truth of coming events. A soothsayer also deals in the interpretations of dreams.


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However, the fact that a national leader, and a serious contender for the country's most powerful civilian job, should need the crutch of a resident soothsayer is disturbing.
Now the Bharatiya Janata Party has also managed to have all the top soothsayers of this country to create a wave in its favour.
From the Jones Town district of the Jamaican capital Kingston, he comes to Northumbria University's Red's Bar next Thursday night, courtesy of Boss Sounds, with one of the UK's finest reggae crews, London outfit the Soothsayers.
I predict there'll be tears at bedtime for the soothsayers.
Soothsayers are enjoying good fortune in Bulgaria as the economic downturn and an increasingly hectic pace of life sends citizens searching for answers and willing to fork out huge sums of money.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Thursday rubbished the dream of the soothsayers that the days of the government were numbered and said they would prove wrong again.
Old travelers, liberated prisoners, artistic soothsayers, inspired
Dan Jones' new project, the Golden Motors, will perform, as will the Soothsayers and Cole's current project, the Underlings.
The annual prediction of the next year's events by soothsayers in Iran reported that Fidel Castro would die and Edward Kennedy would win the Democratic primary for president of the United States.
Predicting the future from the past has a long history widely diverse in its applications, and Kornreich gives modern-day soothsayers a solid background in understanding the information they need to develop models that foretell the future of a system.
Unfortunately, I must have missed the Druid magicians, sorcerers and soothsayers because all I saw was fantastic ceremonies celebrating excellence in literature and drama.
It seems that seers, soothsayers and witch doctors will have to publish a disclaimer in all communications to their pathetically gullible clients to the effect that the drivel they are peddling may not be entirely true.