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(Ukrainian sopylka; Byelorussian dudka), a wind instrument; a type of end-blown, wooden Apple flute. The length is between 350 and 400 m. The sopel’ has five to six holes on the side to change the pitch of the tone. The scale is virtually diatonic.

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Indeed, all the way back in January 2014 -- in an inter- view with the BBC's Jon Sopel -- the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: "If the Americans lift the sanctions, everybody will benefit.
Earlier, Shaikh Mohammad gave Sopel a private tour of the Bur Dubai home of his grandfather, Shaikh Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, who ruled Dubai from 1912 to 1958.
When asked by BBC reporter Jon Sopel if restrictions on Iran should be lifted, Sheikh Mohammed said: "I think so and give Iran space.
The comments were made during a no-holds-barred interview, in relation to BBC's Jon Sopel questioning of the release of an American man who had been imprisoned for making a mockumentary-style video on gangs in Satwa.
Former FIA President Max Mosley, sports presenter and father of four Gary Lineker, TV presenter Sophie Morgan who was paralysed in a car crash, broadcaster Jon Sopel, motoring journalist Quentin Willson and ingenie CEO Richard King all spoke at length about the need for more to be done, with more sensible, thoughtful proposals that embrace private sector innovation to be put forward.
It took until the second period of overtime for Brent Sopel to net a winner for Salavat in Sunday's game six of this series and set up today's decider, and that is typical of how closely-matched the battle has been.
Sexy is one word that seems to be strangely absent from the assessment of my new eyewear" - Broadcaster Jon Sopel on his new spectacles.
Over to you, Jon Sopel with some noisy Americans in Stratford.
Yet he might have had the game-winner in the first OT last night if he hadn't been tripped from behind by Brent Sopel with nothing but open ice between him and goalie Carey Price.
It has completed the acquisition of Sopel, a premium woodcare company based in Shanghai, which provides a platform for growth in the region through the expansion of paints and introduction of Selleys products.
Defenseman Brent Sopel is in a similar boat being unrestricted after 2012 and making a decent pay check of $2.