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We have seen a lot of interest in Foamcore for automotive applications, particularly in the areas of seat backs and load floors, and for parts with secondary padding requirements," said Sopher.
As such, being able to effectively use MDA for SCM is suggested to be a valuable trait, especially given the fact that many firms find it challenging to adopt such technology (Prest and Sopher 2014).
Eva Sopher, president of the Theatro Sao Pedro in Brazil, has revitalised the cultural scene in Porto Alegre, by creating a unique international meeting place for performers, among them many Germans.
Brandts and Cooper 2006a, 2007; Chaudhuri, Schotter, and Sopher 2009; Weber et al.
Sopher, a pediatric endocrinologist at Columbia University in New York.
Estas primeiras abordagens mais contundentes sobre a religiao, pela geografia moderna--com Fickeler, Deffontaines e Sopher -, revelam uma maneira tradicional de encarar o fato religioso; em que se dava grande relevancia as caracteristicas visiveis do fenomeno--cultura material--sendo na maioria das vezes uma descricao formal dos lugares, ritos, manifestacoes e praticas religiosas em seu vies mais formal (institucional) do que cotidiano.
Chaudhuri, Ananish, Barry Sopher y Paul Strand (2002), "Cooperation in Social Dilemmas, Trust and Reciprocity", Journal of Economic Psychology, vol.
Sao marcas simbolicas que respondem aos desejos do devoto em suas praticas espaciais conforme apontam os estudos de Issac (1959-60), Sopher (1960), Buttner (1985), Kong (1990, 1999 e 2000) e Rosendahl (1996, 2003, 2009, 2012) entre outros pesquisadores.
Data from researches that do not allow communication between human participants show a pattern of cooperative responses, although a longer time is required for the emission of such responses (Yi & Rachlin, 2004; Chen & Komorita, 1994; Chaudhuri, Sopher & Strand, 2002).
Barclays Wealth also hired Michael Gordon, Scott Madison and Jonathan Sopher as advisors in New York.
This happened regularly, weekday mornings in the 1980s and early 1990s, when, in addition to the minyan at Rabbi Singer's shul, the Chasam Sopher shul around the corner on Clinton Street had (as it still does) a morning minyan, and when Rabbi Heftler's shul on Attorney Street still stood.