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A material, compound, or system that can provide a sorption function, such as adsorption, absorption, or desorption.



any one of the solids or liquids that selectively sorbs gases, vapors, or dissolved substances from a surrounding medium. Depending on the nature of the sorption, distinctions are made between absorbents, which form solid or liquid solutions with the sorbates; adsorbents, which collect the sorbates on surfaces that are usually irregular in order to increase surface area; and chemical absorbents, which form chemical bonds with the sorbates. Ion-exchange sorbents, or ion exchangers, form a separate category; these substances absorb ions of one type from a solution and release an equivalent quantity of ions of another type. The most important solid sorbents include activated charcoal, silica gel, aluminum oxide, zeolites, and ion-exchange resins.

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As the pH increased, the ligands such as carbonate groups in eggshells would be exposed, increasing the negative charge density on the sorbent surface, increasing the attraction of metallic ions with positive charge and allowing the sorption onto the cell surface.
The capability of the produced sorbent to remove Cr(VI) from aqueous solution in terms of kinetics and equilibrium was investigated and reduction sorption processes are discussed.
Commercial deployments and 50 DOE and industry tests of sorbent injection systems have achieved, on average, 90 percent reductions in mercury emissions.
We wanted to create a sorbent that not only performed better but was better for the environment in production as well as purpose," said John Sellars, executive vice president of marketing.
Performance of a fixed sorbent bed can be described using the following mass balance equation with the assumption that the axial dispersion is negligible compared with the convection term (Figure 1):
Sorbent began selling its novel brominated carbons for mercury capture and systems for injecting them into the flue gases of coal-fired power plants this year.
When you go to the site, first click on decontamination, then Sorbent Decontamination System M100.
Waters' Oasis Sorbent Selection Toolkits and Oasis 2x4 Method Strategy seeks to make selection of SPE tools and method development easier and faster.
Turchi says users will eventually be able to choose from either a solubilized form of the sorbent that can be sprinkled into contaminated water, circulated, and then filtered off or allowed to settle out, or a pelletized form for use in a packed-bed approach.
The sorbent -- with the mercury tightly bound to it -- will then be collected in the plant's existing electrostatic precipitators.
Sorbent Products Company (SPC), a worldwide leader in sorbent manufacturing, has announced the availability of its 2002 Product Catalog.