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A material, compound, or system that can provide a sorption function, such as adsorption, absorption, or desorption.



any one of the solids or liquids that selectively sorbs gases, vapors, or dissolved substances from a surrounding medium. Depending on the nature of the sorption, distinctions are made between absorbents, which form solid or liquid solutions with the sorbates; adsorbents, which collect the sorbates on surfaces that are usually irregular in order to increase surface area; and chemical absorbents, which form chemical bonds with the sorbates. Ion-exchange sorbents, or ion exchangers, form a separate category; these substances absorb ions of one type from a solution and release an equivalent quantity of ions of another type. The most important solid sorbents include activated charcoal, silica gel, aluminum oxide, zeolites, and ion-exchange resins.

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The WAK combines components familiar to those who provide dialytic care with sorbent technology introduced in the REDY machine in a portable package.
The accessibility, low cost and effective sorption efficiency are the main factors to be considered for selection of sorbent for water treatment.
In the situation where sorbents are used to liquidate oil spill, recovering (or harvesting) of soaked materials is an important step to reduce their impact on aquatic resources.
For studying of surface characteristics of sorbents the X-ray phase analysis and IR-spectroscopy have been used.
The effect of different parameters such as pH, sorbent dosage, time and the mercury concentration on removal of mercury ions were studied.
These sieved sorbents was washed again with distilled water and was dried in oven at 60oC for 10 hours then used as sorbent for adsorption experiments.
This work demonstrates capability of carbonic sorbents of different genesis to absorb ions [Pb.
Sorbents were shaken for 12 hours with solutions of the metal nitrates (V/m = 200 mL [g.
The BIAS sorbents operate with a lower temperature differential, causing less impact on thermal efficiency.
Albemarle Environmental Division is a full-service, solution provider to the coal-fired utility, cement kiln, and industrial boiler markets, supplying a variety of proprietary, powder activated carbon (PAC) sorbents, advanced sorbent injection systems, bromine chemicals for mercury removal, and testing and demonstration services.