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the language of the Wends, who live in Dresden and Cottbus districts in the German Democratic Republic. The number of Wendish-speaking people is approximately 100,000 (1970, estimate).

Wendish belongs to the western branch of the Slavic languages. It is broken down into two groups of dialects—Upper Wendish in the south and Lower Wendish in the north, with a wide zone of transitional dialects. The written language appeared in the 16th century. There are two literary languages, Upper and Lower Wendish, differing in phonetics (for example, trawa or tsawa, “grass,” and njesc or njasc, “to carry”), morphology (for example, the category of masculine person of the noun, the verb, and other parts of speech in Upper Wendish and the absence of it in Lower Wendish; the absence of the supine form in Upper vocabulary (for example, ćisla or, twarc “carpenter,” and žbofo or gluka, “happiness”), syntax, and word formation. In the opinion of a number of linguists, Wendish is the aggregate of the two languages, Upper Wendish and Lower Wendish.


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How do you treat Sorbian history and culture in your literary works?
His experiences -- ranging from his expulsion from his Gymnasium during the Third Reich because of an essay he wrote, sufferings as a soldier in Russia, travels in Eastern and Western Europe, activities in the Deutscher Schriftstellerverband, initiatives on behalf of the Sorbians and Sorbian culture, to his reaction to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany -- provide the historical and cultural content for his literary works and his life.
A sense of emotional ease and material well-being accompanies the children's awakening to the unifying aspects of Sorbian culture.
In the case of the linguistic minorities of Low German and Frisian, several Lander are involved, while the Sorbs, divided into two quite different dialects or rather languages, inhabit two Lander, one of which, Sachsen, seems more interested in the support of its High Sorbians, while the Land of Brandenburg is passive in its attitude to the weaker, and more complicated case of the Low Sorbians, who inhabit the watery and lignite-extracting areas of Eastern Brandenburg (Oeter, Walker 2006).
A further recommendation of the Council of Europe is that Germany improve provision of education and provide adequate resources in Upper Sorbian, Low German and Romani.
She examines the political context of ethnocultural minorities in Europe, theories on language and culture, and the conditions of Gaelic and Sorbian speakers.
26 In a small region of which European country can you still find Upper and Lower Sorbian spoken by tens of thousands of members of an ancient Slavic people?
13) Sorbian ([11h]; Wowcerk 1954: 24-25) palatalizes /t d/ before /i j/, e.
Sentado a la mesa, de modo animalesco "los dedos del fraile roian el trozo de pastel y sus labios voraces sorbian el chocolate" (103).
Of the nineteen languages covered, only eleven, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Picard, Walloon, Sorbian, Sicilian, Galician, Catalan, Albanian, Greek, and Turkish, are European in the strictest sense of the term, and speakers of the last three count as minorities only by virtue of the fact that substantial numbers of them are domiciled outside their homelands, in Italy or Germany.
Kroger's novels have been translated into Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Sorbian and, most recently, into Chinese.