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(feminine), sorceress
a person who seeks to control and use magic powers; a wizard or magician


A simple tree parser generator by Terence Parr <>.

SORCERER is suitable for translation problems lying between those solved by code generator generators and by full source-to-source translator generators. SORCERER generates simple, flexible, top-down, tree parsers that, in contrast to code generators, may execute actions at any point during a tree walk. SORCERER accepts extended BNF notation, allows predicates to direct the tree walk with semantic and syntactic context information, and does not rely on any particular intermediate form, parser generator, or other pre-existing application.

SORCERER is included in the Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set.

Version: 1.00B

E-mail: <> ("e-mail sor.tar.Z.uu" in subject).

Mailing list: (message body: "subscribe pccts-users YOUR-NAME", where YOUR-NAME can be your name or e-mail address).
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The Sorceror may not be the most popular of the duo's operettas but it is nevertheless a charming piece," says the Rosedale group's chairman, Margaret Jones.
Here we see a reversal of roles vis-a-vis Borodin's story, for Tianigin suspects his friend to be a sorceror or hypnotist, whereas in "The Visit" the levitant himself is the sceptic.
15) for Suffolk sorceror James Eustace who does well with his few runners over jumps.
To mark the spookiest time of the year, Chester Zoo has set younger visitors a quest to stop an evil sorceror stealing the senses of its nocturnal creatures.
HIGHLANDER 3: THE SORCEROR (1994) Set in 90s Scotland, this seems to ignore the events of part two and has MacLeod with wife and child before he has to return to war when an ancient immortal (Mario Van Peebles) is uncovered in a cave.
The show, The Sorceror - one of the less well-known of the Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas - is a late change to what the society had originally planned to do.
But alarmingly, five of the entries (Far away So close, Grey Soldier, Last Instalment, Sorceror and Westmeath) are owned by Michael o'Leary's Gigginstown House Stud while two more (ainama and Sweeps Hill) carry the colours of J P McManus.
Recommendation New York Giants -7 3pts 20-21 Bet365 N England at Cleveland Patriots coach Bill Belichick faces his former protg Eric Mangini and the sorceror should have the upper hand against his apprentice.
He can hold off the Willie Mullins-trained Shakervilz, who made a promising start to his chasing career when beating Sorceror at Leopardstown.
Don't Mention: The 1982 fantasy film Sword and the Sorceror.
To be in with a chance of winning just answer the following question What is the name of the good sorceror in the Hobbit?
Freeze, Sorceror, Daniel My Brother, Yukon Pete, Yarrow Brae, Silver Launch, Truluck, Time Limit, Heart Surgeon.