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(until 1918, Serdobol’), a city under republic jurisdiction in the Karelian ASSR. Landing on the northern shore of Lake Ladoga. Railroad station. Population, 23,000 (1975).

Sortavala has enterprises for servicing railroad transport, a combine producing furniture and skis, a clothing association, a fish-processing plant, a milk plant, and a meat-packing plant. It also has a Soviet trade technicum and a sovkhoz technicum.

Sortavala is a climatic health resort. Summers are moderately warm, with an average July temperature of 16°C, and winters are comparatively mild, with an average January temperature of – 9°C. Annual precipitation is approximately 560 mm. Sortavala has houses of rest, tourist centers, and a sanatorium for adults and children suffering from tuberculosis and rheumatic fever.

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Electronic auction: acquisition of an apartment in an apartment building in sortavala, republic of karelia within the framework of a regional targeted program for the resettlement of citizens from an emergency housing stock for 2014-2017
Pre-Baja formalities will be held in the small town of Sortavala and precede the Prologue stage on Friday (February 16).
The works Tihemets created while in nature are spontaneous; she has captured crisp landscapes of Khibiny Mountains near Pegrema, Sortavala, and Valamo, also local human types.
The people in the ceded territory who wanted to leave were given two or three weeks to pack their bags and cross into Finland,' says Nina Terehova, a 70 year old tour guide in Sortavala, a small city now 70 kilometres east of the present border.
In addition to hasty school construction, the Vyborg district had two teacher-training seminaries by 1917: The Russian one in Vyborg closed soon after the March Revolution, whereas the Finnish Seminary in Sortavala strengthened its activities.
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Petersburg - Sortavala - motor road R-21 "Kola" on sections km 154 + 450 - km 468 + 876, km 0 + 000 - km 53 + 000 (entrance to MAPP "Wrtsil"), Republic of Karelia; - public highway of federal significance A-119 Vologda - Medvezhyegorsk - road R-21 "Kola" on the section km 393 + 850 - km 636 + 466, the Republic of Karelia
Five of them disappeared from Joensuu railway coaches or prison, while others were left in Sortavala Camp, obviously dead.
Electronic auction: provision of services for the protection of buildings and premises of the upfr in sortavala of the republic of karelia (inter-district)
Pelagic trawling in the northern part of Ladoga Lake was organized in the 80s at Sortavala Fishery Plant (MSTB-208).
since 2012 engaged in the production of trout fry at an incubation-growing plant in Sortavala, Lamberg tract.