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(Small Outline Transistor) A surface mount package for electronic components (transistor, resistor, etc.). It was the first type of surface mount packaging.



a river in Yaroslavl Oblast, RSFSR, a right tributary of the Kostroma River. The Sot’ measures 144 km in length and drains an area of 1,460 sq km. It originates in the Danilov Uplands and empties into Kostroma Bay of the Gorky Reservoir. It is fed mainly by snow. High water is in April and May. The mean flow rate 59 km from the mouth is 6.5 cu m per sec. The river freezes in late October or in November, and the ice breaks up in April. Timber is floated on the Sot’ during high water. [24–611–1 ]

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Although the observed 1% of HEV-infected SOT recipients may seem low, HEV infection may be life threatening in immunocompromised patients.
Therefore, in SOT recipients with elevated liver enzymes (alanine aminotransferase), the diagnosis of HEV infection should be considered and verified by detection of HEV RNA.
This systematic survey of HEV infections among SOT recipients in a major transplant center shows that this population is at risk for HEV infection.
Overview of HEV infections among SOT recipients, the Netherlands, 2000-2011 * HEV infections, no.
The ARD (A2300) of the SOT OMRA may not be more than three days after the start of therapy date (item O0400A5, O0400B5, or O0400C5, whichever is earliest).
The RUG group assigned to the SOT OMRA must be Rehabilitation Plus Extensive Services or a Rehabilitation group (Z0100A).
That is why Sots art was a provocation for people on both ends of the Soviet political spectrum.
In the West, too, the Sots strategy was hardly understood--even though Sots art is better known internationally than any other post-World War II Russian art movement.
And it is precisely this secularization that was anticipated and effectuated, long before it became a reality, by Sots art.
My younger, less-experienced Sailors really benefited from the SOT," said Garcia.
Garcia also stressed that the main training that occurred during the SOT was more focused on intelligence equipment and Automated Digital Network Services (ADNS).
Conducting a SOT during this phase of the ship's life and following the installation of CANES has proven incredibly helpful for my Sailors serving in C4I-related fields," said Ayan.