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Greece: see SuliSuli
or Souli
, small mountainous district, N Greece, in Epirus. Its inhabitants, the Suliotes, who lived in fortlike villages in the mountains, remained independent during most of the occupation of Greece by the Ottoman Turks.
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I am confident their contribution will have a dramatic impact on the pace of digitalization in our industry," said Nabil Souli, CEO, UBiqube.
Certes, les difficultAaAaAeA@s sont lAaAaAeA mais c'est un passage obligAaAaAe pouvoir rAaAaAeA@ussir le plan de dAaAaAeA@veloppement du pays ", a-t-il souli au cours d'une rAaAaAeA@union de concertation avec le ministre chargAaAaAeA@ Relations avec les Mohamed Trabelsi ainsi que des reprAaAaAeA@sentants la sociAaAaAeA@tAaAaAeA@ civile et des droits de l'homme AaAaAeA l'occasion d'une rAa Instances constitutionnelles et la sociAaAaAeA@tAaAaAeA@ civile, Mehdi Ben Gha et celui des Affaires Sociales de concertation.
Boutique Hotel with 87 rooms and Souli Camp with 15 chalets by the
Ben Hassine A, Souli H, Dubujet Ph, Ayari F, Trabelsi-Ayadi M (2016) Kaolinite carbonate mixture fabric evolution after electrokinetic tests.
Souli and Olovsson [18, 19] developed a new Lagrangian-Eulerian coupling algorithm to enhance the application of the ALE method in the areas of bird strike and die forging.
Le nouveau bureau federal sera ainsi compose des membres suivants: Ahmed Gaaloul (president), Hassan Mokdadi, Mohsen Ghrissi, Majdi Salah, Mohamed Mortadha Mourou, Mohamed Ghannem, Mourad Jemili, Monia Seltene, Mourad Souli, Mohamed Zied Bouali, Yosri Haj Belgacem et Abdelrazzak Lajnef (membres).
The players who are currently undergoing camp are Samer Al Balushi, Essa Al Balushi, Omar Al Hasani, Rashid Al Ghafri, Ayman Al Souli, Hisham Al Wahaibi, Abdulaziz Al Raqadi, Idrees Al Jasasi, Essa Al Jabri, Nibras Al Balushi, Mazin Al Balushi, Suhail Al Hamimi, Mohammed Al Siyabi, Khalfan Al Maawali, Mazin Al Hasani, Hisham Al Zaabi, Muutasim Al Shamsi and Jafaar Al Balushi.
Souli stressed that the annual decline in the proportion of snowfall and its low density will lead to a decrease in the amount of water that accumulates after snow melts.
Spoghmai, Nida, Nawa, Dunia Parwan, Da Souli Paigham radio channels and Iqtidar-i-Millie, Mandgar, Sarnavesht and Srosh-i-Millat dailies.