Sound Effects

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sound effects

[′sau̇nd i‚feks]
(engineering acoustics)
Mechanical devices or recordings used to provide lifelike imitations of various sounds.

Sound Effects


noises and sounds arranged in some definite tempo and rhythm and used in the production of theatrical performances, motion pictures, and radio and television programs.

Sound effects are achieved with special equipment. When combined with other means of expression, such as music, scenery, and lighting, sound effects help to reveal the content of a production and to create the necessary mood, tempo, and rhythm of a performance or a motion picture. Sound effects can be especially important in radio, where sound in all its diversity is the principal means of expression. Sound effects may be realistic, fantastic, arbitrary and abstract or comically absurd, depending on the style and treatment of the performance.

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Little did I know that I was supposed to create music and sound effect cues for all 15 plays all at the same time
Mine have to take shape because I'm presenting a three-dimensional vignette, so again enhanced by sound effects," he explained.
To purge the pitfall: Incorporate appropriate music and/or sound effects into your shows.
In 1983, he received an Emmy for outstanding sound effects in a limited series or special, for "Executioner's Song.
While frantically trying to work out a routine for a mime assessment, the duo discovered that their particular combination of sound effects and mime was funny.
The play contains grisly killings, from meat cleaver murders to point- blank shootings, and director Roy Miller has included 63 haunting sound effects in the show, which starts its week-long run on Saturday.
Burtt and his crew created up to 1,300 new sound effects for The Phantom Menace.
The construction of a film out of temporal units is also the subject of Foley Artist, 1996, the most elaborate of Dean's installations - an homage to the behind-the-scenes craft of making sound effects for film, a paean to the apparatus of cinematic hocus-pocus that slyly presents itself in a guise of deadpan analytic sobriety.
Use camp songs and cheers as excellent sound effects.
Multimedia is a computer-based communication tool that employs several media at once - text, video, voice, sound effects and music.
Sandpaper sound effects by Rober Racine and silences cocoon this prologue to Sacre.