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41) Christopher Holland, "Chinese Attitudes to International Law: China, the Security Council, Sovereignity, and Intervention " Journal of International Law and Politics Online Forum (July 2012): 3-43.
Speaking to reporters in Paris, Sarkozy acknowledged that France had been slow to speak out against Ben Ali, but added that he had to be very careful not to be seen as interfering in the sovereignity of the former French colony.
uk then enter under the search title words "United Kingdom Sovereignity Bill".
We often see cases when, in the present social context, the new technologies have blurred some of these rights, which generates the real need to have a proper and wide legislation that would guarantee the statement of the principle of unavailability of the human body (to be outside the transactions and not to be touched without the consent of that person), and the non-patrimonial character of the body (which cannot be a property object not even for oneself), from where the impossibility to violate as well as the sovereignity of human rights derive.
In their campaign against globalization and foreign companies, the local opposition has based their activities on a nationalistic-populistic rhetoric, in which the companies are seen as threats for sovereignity and national ownership of natural resources (e.
cultural nationalism argue that sovereignity and possession remain with
Sovereignity in an Age of Globalization (New York: Columbia University Press, 1996); Michael J.
Said argues that Conrad's Marlow and Kurtz, like Conrad himself, fail to recognize that "what they saw, disablingly and disparagingly, as a non-European 'darkness' was in fact a non-European world resisting imperialism so as to one day regain sovereignity and independence, and not, as Conrad reductively says, to reestablish the darkness.
As David Jacobson cogently argues, the Bible's ancient stories must be retold "to emphasize possible connections between what went wrong with political sovereignity in biblical times and what [is] going wrong in modern times" (1987, 154).
He said US troops would stay "for some time" but new sovereignity will formally end the occupation six months earlier than expected.