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1. a person exercising supreme authority, esp a monarch
2. a former British gold coin worth one pound sterling



a gold coin of Great Britain, first minted in 1489 and originally containing 15.47 g of pure gold. After Great Britain adopted the gold standard in 1816, the sovereign became the basic monetary unit, equal in weight to one pound sterling (7.32 g of pure gold). Minting of the sovereign for internal circulation was discontinued in 1917, but the coin is still for sale on the international gold market.

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In addition, the report explores constraints that are likely to hinder some of the higher rated speculative grade Latin American sovereigns from reaching investment grade status over the near term.
Price controls and export restrictions have been imposed to contain inflation pressures, though these have had a deleterious effect on investment in the industrial sector and inflation has nonetheless reached one of the highest rates of all rated sovereigns.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has published its 'Latin American Sovereign Review' and will hold a teleconference on April 20 at 10:00 a.
The suit seeks a declaratory judgment that Santander, alone or in concert with others, will obtain 20% or more of the voting power of Sovereign and that the closing of the amended investment agreement constitutes a control transaction under the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law.
Whether or not Latin sovereigns can make better use of oil resources to improve creditworthiness will depend largely on politics.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has issued a special report, 'Latin American Sovereign Review: January 2005,' with Fitch's forecast for sovereign credit trends in Latin America for 2005.
The feedback we've received from customers, the FAA, and our sales team leads me to believe the Sovereign will be one of Cessna's best selling business jets," said Cessna's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Roger Whyte.
Fitch rates Mexico's foreign currency sovereign obligations 'BBB-' and local currency (Mexican Peso) obligations 'BBB'.
Various emerging market sovereigns have also seen their ratings or Outlooks upgraded by Fitch, while also enjoying the multiplier effect advantage as their upgrades often trigger upgrades in their respective banking sectors.
The Compania de Electricidad de San Pedro de Macoris project involves a political risk guarantee (PRG) from the Inter-American Development Bank, which if activated because of a failure of the government to meet its guarantee of the power purchase agreement, would compromise sovereign creditworthiness.
11, 2005, when Fitch revised the Outlook on Brazil's 'BB-' sovereign Issuer Default Rating to Positive from Stable.
Any Float of China's Currency Could Harm its Sovereign Ratings