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Anti-spam group Spamhaus is targeted by a massive distributed denial of service attack.
cc/V9LNEPK9] (describing the Spamhaus Block List Advisory, "a database of IP addresses from which Spamhaus does not recommend the acceptance of electronic mail").
Spam from web forms is a fast-track method of getting your domain or web server blacklisted by RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) services like Spamhaus [15].
In March 2013, Spamhaus suffered from the largest DDoS attack to date.
Among other innovations from the botnets disclosure in April 2015, the system allowed for automatic delisting from Spamhaus Blocking List.
Thanks hackers of csf firewall, spamhaus founders and thanks linux people.
94) Law enforcement in London used a more traditional approach to combat cybercrime in April 2013, when local London Police officers arrested Sven Kamphuis, a Dutchman allegedly responsible for committing a cyber-attack against the spam-fighting charity known as Spamhaus.
In recent times, March 2013, Spamhaus Project was affected by a massive 300 Gbps packet flood attack which was recovered by CloudFlare [28].
Mr Prince was discussing CloudFlare's response to the attack on Spamhaus last year.
Examples include the 2013 DNS amplification attack aimed at Spamhaus that topped 300G, and the NTP amplification attack earlier this year that exceeded 400G.
1 DDoS attack last year, measuring in at just over 300Gbps, targeted at anti-spam outfit Spamhaus.
A researcher for Spamhaus, Vincent Hanna said that every time a botnet is taken down and people behind it aren't arrested, there is a chance they can rebuild the botnet.