Speech from the Throne

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Throne, Speech from the


an address given by a monarch to open, and sometimes to adjourn, a session of Parliament. This tradition in English parliamentary procedure developed during the 13th and 14th centuries. The modern equivalent is found in other countries with monarchical forms of government. The speech from the throne, written by government officials, is Parliament’s legislative agenda for that session. The speech is read either by the monarch in person or by an appointed state official (for example, the lord chancellor in Great Britain). Parliament’s approval of the speech from the throne is the same as a vote of confidence in the government.

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Governor General, Seizing Canada's Moment: Prosperity and Opportunity in an Uncertain World; Speech from the Throne (Ottawa: Government of Canada, October 16, 2013), 3.
The Speech from the Throne (SFT) is a key indication of upcoming priorities, and the forthcoming establishment of the Canadian Academies of Science will create a demand for our role.
5) In the Speech From the Throne delivered on October 5, 2004, the Governor-General expanded on this integrated approach by stating that Canada's "defence, diplomacy development and trade efforts [must] work in concert.
So said the government of Prime Minister Paul Martin in the Speech from the Throne that opened the 37th Parliament of Canada in February 2004: "Investing in people will be Canada's most important economic investment.
The speech from the throne recognized the 'shameful' conditions facing our people.
FIRST SPEECH The Queen gives her first speech from the throne in the House of Lords at the State Opening of Parliament in 1958.
Certain objectives were also specified in the Speech from the Throne, which managers must take into consideration when developing government Web sites.
On October 13, 1999, in his reply as Opposition Leader to the Speech from the Throne, Preston Manning gave a speech which could be described as statesman-like-a rare occurrence in our House of Commons.
The first step was outlined in the speech from the throne in 1965 and proposed that a Crown corporation be established with the responsibly of administering a $10-million revolving fund.
The beginning of each Parliament is surrounded by much pageantry, the highlight of which is the Speech from the Throne.
LeBlanc, delivered his first Speech from the Throne opening the 1st Session of the 63rd General Assembly.
The announcement was made as part of the Speech from the Throne given today at Parliament, which outlined the Governments policy and legislative proposals.

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