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spere, speer, spier, spur

In medieval English residences and derivatives, a fixed screen projecting from the side of a great hall, near a door, to mitigate drafts and to screen the door’s entrance.
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Having the virtual standby with Replay's virtual recovery is a huge advantage for Speer and his team.
The power and accuracy of the waterblasting system is amazing at various depths even beyond 600 feet," Speer said.
Speer - who admitted drink-driving - was disqualified for 18 months and fined Au350 plus costs.
Companies are being more diligent in understanding and controlling their aggregate and individual risks, Speer said.
The American judge, Francis Biddle, argued that as Sauckel's superior Speer should also receive the death penalty.
A studious introvert who disliked the spotlight, Speer was also a workaholic.
We will no longer produce a gala because we did a cost benefit analysis of a gala - and in 30 minutes I can meet with (a corporation) and raise $100,000," said Speer Selber.
A man of prodigious energy and extraordinary talents, Speer presents the biographer with a daunting challenge.
Morrissey and Speer smashed into the side of a container after swerving to avoid a driver as they rounded off their trip in Albania.
The NRDC is also pleased with a draft federal plan that "would restore North Atlantic swordfish within 10 years," Speer says.
But when married Mark Speer refused the advances of Kimberly Conrad she had him fired and booted out of the Playboy mansion, he claims.
The book is based on weeks of interviews with Speer and with those who knew him.