Spending Spree

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What does it mean when you dream about a spending spree?

This symbol may refer to the overindulgences in the dreamer’s waking life. The dreamer may be concerned about the time they are spending in their work or in relationships, causing their quality of life to be less than desirable. Perhaps the dreamer should consider letting go—a little at a time—of some of the tension and repression they may be harboring.

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Business would not be off the hook, with payroll tax and other business levies set to be raided to fund Labor's spending spree.
Judge Peter Carr told him on Friday: "You took advantage of the trust your uncle put in you by allowing you into his house and supplying you with his bank card, by going on a little spending spree in the summer of last year.
Mini spending spree might be a more accurate description, as I do tend to be quite parsimonious most of the time.
On the flip side is Venezuela, led by President Hugo Chavez, a former paratrooper on a military spending spree across Europe.
The office deal comes following a $9 billion spending spree in the hospitality sector which saw Blackstone swallow up several major groups, including Meristar, the nation's biggest hotel REIT, which it purchased for $2.
He goes on a wild spending spree, buying luxury items for friends and family but also picks up a number of expensive goodies that will be employed to make your basement confinement even more unpleasant.
Back then it was June 30, so the article was called "The Spring Spending Spree.
THE Roman Abramovich-inspired spending spree at Chelsea is like a story plucked from the pages of Roy of the Rovers.
What we're seeing in the '00s is a garden-variety spending spree.
While there is an absence of a driving killer application and a catalyst to incite an end-user spending spree, the temporal expanse of depressed spending is creating pent-up demand," said Rinnen.
In fact, online sales produced the only bright spot during last year's post September 11, dreary holiday spending spree.