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Nigeria has, over the years, intermittently produced some of the world's most impressive gemstones, more particularly rubellite tourmaline, aquamarine, spessartite garnet, morganite, goshenite, along with sapphire, amethyst and white, blue, and yellow topaz.
However, the Umbalites have a very special feature which is of having a hint of Spessartite garnet component in them which them one of the rarest garnets of all kind.
Diorella ring in yellow gold with amethyst, Diamonds, and spessartite garnets, CHRISTIAN DIOR.
Shangbao Hunan calcite, bismuthinite, dolomite, fluorite, pyrite, quartz Shangyangpo Hubei turquoise Shilu Guangdong azurite, malachite Shilu Hainan hematite Shimen Hunan calcite, orpiment, picropharmacolite, (Jiepiayu) realgar Shitouzui Hubei azurite Shizhuyuan Hunan bismuthinite, calcite, cassiterite, fluorite, galena, muscovite, pyrrhotite, pyrite, scheelite, sphalerite, Ta/Nb oxides, wolframite Shuijingping Fujian feldspar, fluorite, helvite, pyrite, smoky quartz, spessartite Shuikoushan see Kangjiawan Siding Guangxi, hydrozincite Zhuang A.