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see tuataratuatara
or tuatera
, lizardlike reptile, Sphenodon punctatus, last survivor of the reptilian order Rhynchocephalia, which flourished in the early Mesozoic era before the rise of the dinosaurs.
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Seligmann H, Moravec J and Werner YL (2008) Morphology, functional and evolutionary aspects of tail autotomy and regeneration in the "living fossil*' Sphenodon (Reptilia: Rhynchocephalia).
2003) consider that the presence of a penis is a primitive condition, and that the absence of copulatory organs in Sphenodon sp.
Typical n ode-based definitions, then, might read as follows: "Lepidosauria is the most recent common ancestor of Sphenodon and squamates and all of its descendants" or "Mammalia is the most recent common ancestor of montremes and therians and all of their descendants.