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popular name for members of the Orchidaceae, a family of perennial herbs widely distributed in both hemispheres. The unusually large family (of some 450 genera and an estimated 10,000 to 17,500 species) includes terrestrial, epiphytic (see epiphyte), and saprophytic
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humilis, Spiranthes magnicamporum (especially in disturbed, puddled areas), Solidago spp.
Spiranthes stellata (Orchidaceae), a new species of ladies'-tresses from the western United States.
Consequently, that group of Listera in the bog, or the colony of Spiranthes on the road shoulder, represents more than a beautiful accent to the scene: they are products of complex and interwoven phenomena that remain mysterious to this day.
In Spiranthes sinensis also show the higher variation at species level because of its large population size and higher rate of gene flow (Sun, 1996; Marta et al.
Reproductive biology of the rare orchid, Spiranthes diluvialis breeding system, pollination, and implications for conservation.
From long-whiskered Calochilus robertsonii of Australia, to the virginal white simplicity of the tiny Masdevallia tovarensis of Venezuela, the insect-mimicking Ophrys vernixia, found around the Mediterranean, to the ever-so-delicate spiraling inflorescences of Spiranthes lacera (Slender Lady's Tresses) found right here in Manitoba, I am entranced by them all.
Rhizanthella slateri * Rumex crystallinus * Schoenoplectus litoralis * Schoenoplectus validus * * * * Sonchus oleraceus * * * * Spiranthes sinensis * * Sterculia quadrifida * Thelymitra spp.
Heaven Knows (Ron Smyth/Eric Eldin) books a place in the Oaks when upsetting the odds-on Spiranthes (John Dunlop/Ron Hutchinson) in the Oaks Trial at Lingfield.
Rare plants present include Carex debilis, Hexastylis shuttleworthii, Rubus hispidus, and Spiranthes ovalis.
Effects of population size, mating system, and evolutionary origin on genetic diversity in Spiranthes sinensis and S.