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The common name for any member of the order Spirochaetales.



a bacterium, measuring 0.1–0.6 micrometer in diameter and 5–500 micrometers in length, in the form of an elongated coiled spiral. The majority of species have a slender axis filament around which the body of the cell is spirally coiled. Spirochetes lack flagella and are characterized by undulating movements, during which the cells rotate around their long axis. Reproduction is by transverse fission.

Spirochetes may be nonpathogenic or pathogenic. The former inhabit freshwaters, and the latter parasitize mollusks and cause syphilis in man (Treponema pallidum), relapsing fever (Borrelia recurrentis), and other spirochetoses. Under artificial conditions, nonpathogenic spirochetes grow on ordinary nutrient mediums and pathogenic spirochetes grow on mediums that contain serum and pieces of fresh tissue or the internal organs of animals. Some forms have not yet been grown in the laboratory.

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I propose that a diseased milieu is the union of contributing factors, specifically psychoemotional trauma, toxicities, and intracellular spirochetes and their coinfections.
In situ IGS analysis revealed that spirochetes in our analysis had highest homology (97%) with relapsing fever agents from eastern Africa, B.
Incompetence of catbirds as reservoirs for the Lyme disease spirochete.
miyamotoi spirochetes are more likely to be seen in blood smears than are their burgdorferi cousins.
Moreover, rodent-targeted baits containing antibiotics that clear rodents and ticks of spirochetes have also been tested in the lab and the field (Dolan et al.
During early stages of syphilis, spirochetes infiltrate the central nervous system, resulting in early neurosyphilis which includes such symptoms as meningitis, stroke, seizure, myelopathy, brainstem abnormality, cranial nerve abnormalities, vestibular disease, and ocular disease.
For amplification of the entire spirochete 16S rRNA (~1,500 bp), the spirochete-specific reverse primer C90 (Dewhirst et al.
Leptospirosis, a zoonosis with protean manifestations caused by the spirochete, Leptospira interrogans, occurs worldwide.
Lyme disease is an infection caused by spirochetes called Borrelia burgdorferi.
On the basis of their cultural and biochemical properties, and PCR sequencing analysis, 8 out of the 9 spirochete strains isolated from the geese by culture on special media under anaerobic conditions were identified as Brachyspira alvinipulli.
The diagnosis of syphilis, caused by the spirochete Treponema pallidum, is usually straightforward.
Another drama performed in Seattle, the notorious Spirochete, a play about syphilis, forced a public used to suppression of even the word for the disease to face up to its alarming prevalence.