Carl Spitzweg

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Spitzweg, Carl


Born Feb. 4, 1808, in Munich; died there Sept. 23, 1885. German painter and graphic artist; one of the greatest representatives of the Biedermeier style.

A self-taught artist, Spitzweg painted scenes from the lives of city dwellers and idyllic landscapes. He is most famous for his small genre paintings, such as The Widower (New Pinakothek, Munich), Serenade (Schackgallerie, Munich), and The Hypochondriac (Schackgallerie, Munich). These subtly poetic works by Spitzweg are distinguished by warm humor; drawing on characteristic human types and details from everyday life, they are noted for their expressive use of color.


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Hay que congratularse por la edicion tan cuidada del libro, con una imagen en la portada--El raton de biblioteca de Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885)--que sugiere tambien la pasion por la lectura.
6-8 persons) based on the core curriculum for classes at other locations throughout the city of Berlin and about 20 traveling to the Kombibad Mariendorf (Ankogelweg 95, 12107 Berlin) with 3 vehicles (a total of about 60 trips) and for physical education about 20 rides (Wild Spitzweg 12, 12107 Berlin) with 2 vehicles (total of approximately 40 runs).
The three additional works proved to be looted were by German artists Carl Spitzweg and Adolph Menzel, and Impressionist master Camille Pissarro.
The pieces are by Henri Matisse, Max Liebermann and Carl Spitzweg.
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At the beginning of August 1884, Hans von Bulow and the Munich publisher Eugen Spitzweg discussed the intended edition of the concerto.
Furthermore, scholars have traced influences and examples of painters and single artworks, including 17th century Dutch painters like Frans Hals, Rubens, Vermeer and, above all, Rembrandt and his play with light and shadow (Gehler and Kasten 16), 19th century painters like Arnold Bocklin and Carl Spitzweg (Dalle Vacche 169) as well as expressionist painters represented by Franz Marc's animal paintings, which are reflected in the portrayal of the fleeing horses and the roaming werewolf (Gehler and Kasten 46) and by Ludwig Kirchner's The Red Tower in Halle (1915) which is mirrored in the opening scene of the city tower (Dalle Vacche 175).
Veio-me ao encontro, o quadro de Carl Spitzweg ("Der Bucherwurm" --"O rato de biblioteca": oleo sobre tela do Museu Georg Schafer, pintado c.
The pictures he personally relished were populist fancies by Carl Spitzweg and other Biedermeier painters.
Highlights: Paintings by Anton Graft, Carl Spitzweg, Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller mad examples of German idealism.