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(design engineering)
One of a number of equally spaced keys cut integral with a shaft, or similarly, keyways in a hubbed part; the mated pair permits the transmission of rotation or translatory motion along the axis of the shaft.
A strip of wood, metal, or plastic.
(graphic arts)
A flexible strip used in drawing curves.
A function used to approximate a specified function on an interval, consisting of pieces which are defined uniquely on a set of subintervals, usually as polynomials or some other simple form, and which match up with each other and the prescribed function at the end points of the subintervals with a sufficiently high degree of accuracy.


A thin flat piece of wood used between two pieces of heavy subflooring, taking the place of a tongue-and-groove joint; also used as a means of stiffening a miter joint.

spline, false tongue, feather, slip feather, slip tongue

spline, 2
spline, 1
1. A long thin strip of wood or metal which is inserted in a slot formed by two members, each of which is grooved and butted against the other.
2. In a suspended acoustical ceiling, a strip of metal or hard fiber inserted in the slot between adjacent acoustical tiles which butt against each other, forming a concealed mechanical joint.


In computer graphics, a smooth curve that runs through a series of given points. The term is often used to refer to any curve, because long before computers, a spline was a flat, pliable strip of wood or metal that was bent into a desired shape for drawing curves on paper. See Bezier and B-spline.
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Strength and durability are important in a box joint but a decorative spline can add visual appeal to projects.
modern) mathematical operations: a marriage of that signature invention of modernity, calculus, with computers that used calculus-based splines for the design and mass production of actual physical objects.
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Changing the control curve for tables using cubic splines should only be performed if the spline coefficients are dynamically recalculated when the tabular data changes.
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5,2,p,h) of deficient discrete quintic splines over p which satisfy the boundary conditions
The problem is simple: we are to find a time-limited and zero-mean exponential spline q(t) with the knot interval 1 that is orthogonal to its integer shifts,
They are cubic splines that are non-zero only over four adjacent intervals between knots (see Fig.
Splines also typically involve estimation of a large number of parameters.
2], with some regions of much interest; for instance, in the case of the 2-dimensional medical imaging, one can apply such interpolation by special splines for regions modeling the heart or the tubes of the lungs.