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Any multicellular structure in or on which spores are formed.



the sporebearing receptacle of aquatic ferns. In Salvinia the sporocarp is a sorus of either microsporangia or macrosporangia, which is clad in a double indusium and is borne on the part of the leaf that is immersed in the water. The sporocarp separates from the leaf and opens as a result of decay of the indu sium. The sporocarp of Marsilea is a cluster of sori that consist of both microsporangia and macrosporangia; the wall of the sporocarp is formed by two leaflets of the sporebearing segment of a leaf that have closed up as a result of the fusing of outgrowths. The sporocarp opens along the line of concrescence of the leaflets owing to the swelling of the cartilaginous tissue to which the sori are attached.

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When possible, macrofungi were identified to the species rank in the field; however, when species could not be determined, sporocarps were collected and identified to the lowest identifiable taxon rank.
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