Spotted swine

Spotted swine,

breed that is predominantly black with many white spots. Except for its additional white coloring, it is much like the Poland China swinePoland China swine,
oldest breed of swine to have originated in the United States and one of the most popular. A number of strains have contributed to the development of this breed, notably the Irish Grazier and the Berkshire.
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, which together with Gloucester Old Spot hogs forms the foundation stock of Spotted swine.
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The rooms are a joy, particularly No2, our Spotted Swine Suite.
Breeding Swine: Duroc, Landrace, Yorkshire, Spotted Swine, & Poland China in order followed by Supreme Champion Boar & Gilt 9 a.
Breeding Swine Show: Duroc, Landrace, Hampshire, Spotted Swine, & Poland China 9 a.