sprung floor

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resilient floor

A wood floor, laid on battens, having the quality of springiness (e.g., a floor supported by spring clips); especially used as a dance floor, gymnasium floor, etc.
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Its portable flooring options include the Harlequin Liberty LatchLoc Portable Sprung Floor Panels, which feature a modular, interlocking hook-and-latch sprung floor system that must be topped with a vinyl dance surface, such as Harlequin Cascade, which is ideal for a wide range of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, modern, hip hop, Irish and tap.
A new sprung floor would be expensive but the centre has the option to buy an ex-competition floor from the World Championships in Glasgow.
A new sprung floor would enhance the gymnastic experience of club members," the club added.
A new sprung floor would be expensive but the centre has been given the option to purchase an ex-competition floor from the World Championships in Glasgow, for nearly PS30,000, but the money would need to be raised by this October.
The Liquid/Envy club started out life as the Oxford Galleries in the 1920s as a sprung floor ballroom dance venue that rivalled Blackpool Tower.
Now Allison says they will be training hard at their new base which has seen two units being knocked into one and a sprung floor installed.
They set about painting the walls and ceilings, hung 2-metre mirrors on the walls, and had a sprung floor installed.
The sports hall has indoor cricket nets, climbing wall and a gymnasium with a sprung floor for fitness and dance classes.
It must be clean with heating and, preferably, a sprung floor.
The centre also has a fully air conditioned fitness suite and two multi-purpose rooms with a sprung floor for dance and aerobics classes.
Two years ago, our 150-seat recital hall had a make-over which has given us a very special, intimate performance space with sprung floor, acoustic panels, new lighting, flexible and attractive seating and a superb acoustic," Caird continues.
An extension takes in a new reception area, air-conditioned dance studio with sprung floor, creche and refreshment area.