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An organization consisting of two or more divisions of ships, or two or more divisions (U.S. Navy) or flights of aircraft; it is normally, but not necessarily, composed of ships or aircraft of the same type.
The basic administrative aviation unit of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force.



(Russian, eskadra). (1) In various states, a large naval formation composed of units of various sizes drawn from various naval services and intended for action in a specific area of a maritime theater of operations.

(2) Until the mid-20th century, an operational and tactical unit of naval surface ships, formed to destroy units of large vessels and convoys at sea and to deliver artillery fire at shore installations.

(3) In some foreign states, the main operational and strategic unit of atomic-powered missile-carrying submarines, intended for action in a maritime theater of operations.

(4) A large unit of ships operating far from home ports.

(5) In several states, such as fascist Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany, and France, an air force unit consisting of two or three aviation groups, with a total of 75–100 airplanes.



(Russian, eskadril’ia). (1) The main tactical and fire subunit of aviation and helicopter units of the air force and other branches of the armed forces, consisting of several flights or detachments of airplanes or helicopters. Depending on the individual combat arm, a squadron may have from ten to 30 airplanes or helicopters. Several squadrons make up an aviation or helicopter regiment, aviation wing, or aviation group.

(2) A missile subunit in the French and other armies.



(Russian, eskadron). (1) A tactical subunit of the regular cavalry, usually consisting of from two to four troops. The corresponding unit in the cossack cavalry was the sotnia. In the armies of various states, squadrons comprised from 120 to 200 men; four to six squadrons made up a cavalry regiment. The cavalry of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army had saber squadrons (composed of four saber troops and an administrative group) and machine gun squadrons (composed of four machine gun troops, each having four machine guns mounted on horse-drawn vehicles).

(2) In the armed forces of Great Britain, a tactical subunit of a tank regiment, comprising 101 men. It consists of an administrative group, four tank troops, and a maintenance troop. A tank regiment also has a staff squadron of 100 men and a maintenance squadron of 111 men.

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The squadron was raised on December 1, 1942 at Trichinopoly under the command of Squadron Leader Mehar Singh.
Last year the squadron was placed fourth out of 30 squadrons for their sporting abilities.
With its roots in the Northern Bombing Group of France during World War I, VMA-231 was commissioned as the 1st Division, Squadron D, on Feb.
This year, 163 Squadron took 32 cadets to the training day and they returned to Coventry victorious in the drill competition, the banner drill competition, the rifle shooting competition, the open age aircraft recognition competition and the aircraft modelling competition.
Wideopen Air Cadets are in the running to scoop the prestigious Sir Alan Lees Trophy competition for the top performing squadron in the UK.
The 59th last year also impressed in drill, finishing 4th out of 33 squadrons within the South and West YorKshire Wing during last year's competition.
that mitigated attitudes and prejudices but the outstanding performance of the two Polish fighter squadrons and their nearly eighty pilots, in particular the 303 Kosciuszko Squadron.
No 26 Squadron, one of the prime squadrons of the PAF, previously equipped with A-5 III aircraft has now been re-equipped with indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder aircraft.
Reconnaissance squadrons in an IBCT, while capable, are in need of additional organizational, manpower, and equipment modifications in order to realize their full potential.
Like her sister squadrons in the 310th Bomb Group, the 380th was founded by a cadre of Doolittle Raiders.
Once again the Shadowhawks sought the support of VMAQ-1, but this time the crew was hoping to establish a solid and lasting presence not only for themselves, but also for the sake of any future Navy squadrons deploying to Al Asad.
Of 992 pilots who graduated, 450 served overseas in four fighter squadrons.