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Sport a number of players from which a team is to be selected



a military unit of from six to 12 persons.

Squads are found in the armed forces of most countries. They are a constituent part of a platoon, including motorized rifle (infantry), reconnaissance, combat engineer, and signal platoons. A squad is usually commanded by a sergeant. In battle the squad ordinarily operates as part of a platoon, but sometimes it may also carry out independent missions (for example, in reconnaissance and for security on the march and in bivouac).

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FA technical director Wilkinson said: "People should not just look at the senior squad that Kevin Keegan announces when looking forward to Euro 2000.
Both the UP Pep Squad and UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe hold the most championships in the yearly contest with the former winning two three-peats from 1999-2001 and from 2010-2012, and the latter distinguishing themselves with a five-peat from 2002-2006.
Despite improvements in technology and training over the past half century, squads essentially operate in the same manner as their World War II counterparts.
The qualifications consist of 5 rounds, namely the preliminary round during which 8 squads will qualify to the quarter final round.
The squad was due to be announced yesterday but with a round of Magners League games taking place this weekend and some injury concerns, an IRFU spokesman said "it would be more sensible to confirm the squads next Monday".
SANTA CLARITA - Determined to maintain the level of emergency services in this growing valley, the Los Angeles County Fire Department will add paramedic squads to three local fire stations for an estimated $2.
This month he takes part in matches against the other provincial squads from South Wales (Cardiff, Gwent,Neath/Swansea & Bridgend/Pontypridd)from which the Wales Under-16s Squad will be selected.
Due to the disparate levels of funding of the former Regional Crime Squads, the first year's levy apportionment were seen by some as being unfair and not related to their ability to pay.
Although other local law enforcement agencies had formed cold case homicide squads in the past, this marked the first time that the FBI contributed case agents to such an effort.
These organizations, guided by American operatives, developed into the paramilitary apparatus that came to be known as the Salvadoran Death Squads.
FBI-accredited state or local bomb squads will receive the latest version of DGI's flagship product, CoBRA(R) Software, by January 2006.