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Ssu-ma Kuang, hombre de Estado y poeta, describe en su Jardin, escrito hacia la epoca de la invasion normanda en Inglaterra, su amplia vista del rio Kiang, repleto de juncos y sampanes, el verde oscuro de los pinos mas alla de su terraza de peonias y crisantemos, el verde azulado de los arbustos y el oro bermellon de los caquis, mientras espera con gusto el arribo de amigos que le leeran sus versos y escucharan los suyos.
Bol, "Government, Society, and State: On the Political Visions of Ssu-ma Kuang and Wang An-shih," in Robert Hymes and Conrad Schirokauer, eds.
Three years later another respected official, Ssu-ma Kuang (1019-1086), made the same appeal.
16) The earliest scholar to point out the impossibility of the Chi An-Kung-sun Hung episode seems to have been Ssu-ma Kuang [CHINESE TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1019-1086) in his Tzu-chih t'ung-chien k'ao-i; [CHINESE TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; see Yu Chia-hsi, "T'ai-shih kung shu wang-p'ien k'ao," 40.
Canberra, 1989) and Achilles Fang's classic work, The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms (220-265): Chapters 6978 from the Tzu chih t'ung chien of Ssu-ma Kuang (2 vols.
She draws on material from two texts by Ssu-ma Kuang (1019-86) and one by Yuan Ts'ai (ca.
Ssu-ma Kuang has another person retort, instead of Tung; see Achilles Fang, trans.