St Augustine

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Augustine, St

. (354–430) patron saint of scholars; voluminous theological author. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 384–385]
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Especially when you realise that but for a devastating hurricane, the Spanish would have had an even earlier claim to fame, since they set up a settlement in Pensacola in the western pan-handle of northern Florida seven years earlier than St Augustine, before beating a hasty retreat in the eye of a storm.
Then there's St Augustine, with its multi-cultural mix of people, architecture and cuisine.
A week-long, fly-drive, circular journey from Orlando begins in St Augustine, just two hours' drive away.
Their legacy is St Augustine, a kind of smaller version of New Orleans, with a smiliar sprinkling of cultural influences.
It is within walking distance of St Augustine's cultural and historical attractions and 50 miles from the Jacksonville International Airport, the company said and added that DoubleTree by Hilton St Augustine Historic District is owned by 116 San Marco LLC and managed by Summit Hospitality Management.
The panel of St Augustine, known for over half a century from this old photograph alone, has now come to light in a private collection in the USA (Fig.
A date of 1450 is improbably early, as it would make St Augustine one of the artist's earliest extant works, as early as, if not earlier than, the Sibiu Crucifixion, which in both style and handling is less sophisticated and assured than this panel.
Gas chromatographic testing of several samples from St Augustine reveals that the binding medium is linseed oil.
21) St Augustine is stiffer, less at ease with his pose, more self-conscious--the very qualities that a youngish artist rising to the challenge of representing a standing saint on a larger scale than that to which he was accustomed might well display.
And while other tourist destinations are keen to showcase their latest developments, in St Augustine it's a different story.
It's a little-known fact but St Augustine is actually the oldest city in the US - dating back to 1513 when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon first sighted it on his quest to find the fountain of youth.
The city, on the state's North East coast and about 90 minutes drive from Orlando, was colonised on the feast day of St Augustine in 1565 and has been inhabited ever since.