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For more information about Pennsylvania's 120 state parks, call 1-888-PA-PARKS between 7 a.
Visitors hoping to get some R&R at their favorite state parks last summer may have found the gates padlocked, the restrooms closed and the docks removed.
Record heat, drought and wildfires meant fewer Texans visiting state parks this year, and that meant a steep decline in revenue.
America's State Parks and Sony Creative Software, a leading developer of award-winning and easy-to-use video and audio editing applications, has announced a partnership to promote nationwide park visits and outdoor recreation.
As the chairman of the Arkansas State Parks, Recreation & Travel Commission, I have the great honor of working closely with Joe David Rice, state tourism director, and Greg Butts, state parks director.
TEHACHAPI -- A state parks Indian cultural center, which hosts visitors for Tomo-Kahni State Park as well as classes for continuing the Kawaiisu language, is in danger of closing for financial reasons.
environment, the restaurant was demolished in 2004 as State Parks issued a request for proposals to select a private sector business that could develop a new restaurant.
Divided by geographical region, the trails in California's state parks are illustrated with black-and-white maps and carefully described in terms of length, difficulty, directions, what to expect while hiking and more.
If you're an outdoorsy vacationer and a day in nature sounds more relaxing than a day at a spa, you may want to try hiking in one of the many beautiful state parks in Georgia.
The Honey Creek State Natural Area lies adjacent to Guadalupe River State Par and is also managed by Texas State Parks and Wildlife Department.
These are just a few of the opportunities that West Virginia State Parks has to offer.

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