State Secret

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State Secret


military, economic, and political information that is of great importance to the state and is especially guarded by the state.

In the USSR the list of information considered to be state secrets is established by the Council of Ministers in the interests of protecting the economic power, defense capability, and foreign security of the USSR. Keeping a state secret is the duty of every Soviet citizen to whom such information is known. In order to prevent the disclosure of state secrets, a certain procedure has been established for drawing up, storing, and using documents and objects, information about which constitutes a state secret. If violation of the established procedure results in disclosure of a state secret or loss of the documents involved, the guilty parties are brought to criminal trial under the Law of Criminal Responsibility for State Crimes of 1958 (arts. 12 and 13). In the absence of evidence of such crimes as treason and espionage, disclosure of a state secret by the person to whom it was entrusted or to whom it became known because of his official position or work is punishable by deprivation of freedom for a term of two to five years. If the disclosure of a state secret entailed grave consequences, the penalty is deprivation of freedom for five to eight years. Severe penalties are provided for the loss of documents containing state secrets.

A type of state secret is a military secret, the keeping of which is directly connected with ensuring the military power and combat readiness of the armed forces. Disclosure by servicemen of information of a military character that constitutes a state secret is punishable in accordance with the Law of Criminal Responsibility for Military Crimes of 1958 by deprivation of freedom for two to five years. The loss of documents or objects containing state secrets by a serviceman to whom the documents or objects were entrusted entails deprivation of freedom for one to three years, provided that the loss resulted from a violation of established regulations. If the disclosure of a state secret or the loss of secret documents by a serviceman has grave consequences, the offense is punishable by a term of five to ten years.


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Dror Ladin, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union appearing on behalf of the plaintiffs, said Thursday the Trump administration is using state secrets privilege to block the testimony of several top CIA officials, including the new deputy director of the agency, Gina Haspel.
Under the state secrets privilege, a court might accept the government's assertion that certain evidence may not be publicly revealed because it would risk national security.
Noting that anything could be hidden from the people under the guise of being state secret, the report said that under the law, those who publish or reveal a state secret could be sentenced for up to four years in prison.
that the subject matter of the litigation was not a state secret.
Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said the leader of the opposition had to bear responsibility for his actions of revealing a document that was considered a state secret.
After Tanov was charged with disclosure of state secret and BSP insisted that he should be removed from office and be denied access to classified information, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov declared his unwavering support for the Customs Agency Director.
The majority's refusal to offer a definition of what constitutes a state secret, and acceptance of the Supreme Court's broad description of what could be covered by the privilege from Reynolds, falls short of sufficiency in an instance where, as here, plaintiffs have the potential of litigating the case based on publicly available materials.
153) Effectively, the Ninth Circuit's decision serves to bar a plaintiff's claim on evidentiary grounds, even when the plaintiff can make a prima facie case using publicly available information, simply due to the risk that the discovery process may unearth a state secret.
I hope the statements coming out in anger from the disqualified prime minister that he would reveal everything in due course do not include state secrets.
The defendants are also accused of revealing state and military secrets, accepting large sums of money in return for providing a foreign country with state secrets and spreading false news.
The First Intermediate People's Court of Tianjin said Zhou was sentenced after being tried on May 22 on charges of receiving bribes, abuse of power and leaking state secrets.
Beijing, China -- A Chinese court on Friday convicted a 71-year-old journalist of leaking state secrets and jailed her for seven years, it said, with rights groups condemning the "arbitrary" verdict as a "blow to free expression".

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