State Territory

State Territory


a part of the globe that is under the sovereignty of a particular state. The state territory includes the land (all the dry land within the state boundaries), the waters (both inland and territorial), and the air space over both the land and the waters (the troposphere, stratosphere, ionosphere, and a considerable part of adjacent outer space). The mineral wealth located under both land and sea within this territory is the property of the particular state as far down as is technically feasible.

Within its territory a state has territorial supremacy (that is, the highest and exclusive authority), which constitutes an organic part of state sovereignty.

Modern international law forbids the forcible seizure of foreign territory, the violation of state boundaries, and the use of the territory of any state without its consent. The principle of territorial integrity and inviolability is established in modern international law, which allows for changes in the boundaries of state territory only in strictly defined cases. A change in boundaries carried out on the basis of the principle of self-determination of peoples and nations is considered legal. International law also recognizes the exchange, transfer, or concession of state territory that is carried out voluntarily and in the interests of promoting peaceful neighborly relations between states.

All territorial disputes between states should be resolved by peaceful means.

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The post Islamic State territory shrinks in Iraq and Syria: US-led coalition appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Michael Fallon MP, said that the vote in Parliament last week to extend RAF air strikes into that part of Islamic State territory was an "important moment" in the international campaign against the extremists.
Contract notice: Awarding concessions for school meals, for calendar years 2016-2017-2018 and 24 months for a total school for nursery schools and primary schools in the state territory of arzano (na).
In her previous position as senior business development manager, Simonis' responsibilities included business development and service fulfillment in a ten state territory.
Today, the company has 14 sales professionals and 16 support staff, and services a 17 state territory.
Several lawmakers said the federal law unconstitutionally expands into state territory.
The measures ban the provision of weapons to Mr bin Laden and the two groups, a freeze on their funds and a ban on travel by them into or through EU Member State territory.
Brady fumbled in Montana State territory and Kane Ioane returned it 55 yards for a touchdown.
Federal law encompasses the same boundaries but does not consider water between the islands and the coast to be state territory.

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